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BKS Marketing|Brand Knowledge Solutions was founded by Brenda Sigurdson, an accomplished sales and marketing executive with experience in a range of industries including the Internet, Travel and Tourism, Finance, Consumer Durables and Luxury Goods, Education and Training, Healthcare, Automotive, Utilities, Retail, Restaurants and Not-for-Profit.

Her experience of 25+ years in the advertising marketing industry brings a wealth of knowledge in traditional marketing and new marketing vehicles. Her client’s benefit from this experience by receiving a fully integrated marketing plan, which will maximize their ROI.

She possesses expertise in all aspects of SEO, SEM and SMO (search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media optimization). Sigurdson’s proficiency with robust tools such as Google Adwords, Bing, Google Analytics, WordTracker and other online marketing optimization applications enable her to deliver insightful metrics, analysis and actionable strategy to BKS Marketing clients.

Sigurdson is a team player and knows she is only as strong as the people she works with. She brings the best talent for each client to table. She is highly respected among her peers and which brings wonderful working partnerships.

Sigurdson began her career in traditional agencies in her native Charlotte, North Carolina. She made a paradigm shift to the Internet in 1999 when she was recruited to drive business development for a network of websites. Over the next decade, Sigurdson built a marketing consulting practice, developing a roster of national agencies and corporate clients.


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