Website Development

Whether you have a website or need a new website, BKS Marketing will work with you to make your business visible to your target audience.  We have the team and experts to get this done – from website design, web site development, optimizing, domain name registration, hosting, content writing, site architecture and maintenance.

Design and Development

  • Site Structure
  • Architecture
  • Navigation and User Friendly Interface
  • Databases
  • Shopping Carts
  • Social Media

Domain Name and Registration

  • Research and choose best available domain name for website.
  • Web Hosting – we offer web hosting services to all of our clients at competitive rates if you need this service.


We will provide content for a new website or if your site needs an overhaul.  Our content writing will be developed from the keywords analysis and each page of the website will have keyword rich content for search engines, but will also be written for the user.  When writing we make sure the website is search engine friendly and make sure of the following:

  • Is there good keyword density throughout?
  • Is it well-written, does it make sense and is it error free?
  • Are there anchor links on each page?
  • Is the navigation user friendly and does it function properly?


If part of your success is to gather information about your visitor/target audience so you may reach out to them in the future, we will design your website with a database module to capture their name, email address and other contact information you may want to capture.  If your site is an online store, you may even want to set up a customer profile function, so your user can set up an account for shopping.  This way they do not need to enter their information every time they come back and this may increase frequency of purchases.

Shopping Carts

If you are an online store, it is very important you set-up a secure shopping cart site so visitors will feel secure in entering the credit card information on your site.  There are several good shopping carts to choose from, depending on your needs and BKS Marketing will help you choose the right platform for you and implement on your website.

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